Ways to Help Maintain Your Roof Covering in Ypsilanti Michigan

Ways to Help Maintain Your Roof Covering in Ypsilanti Michigan

When you have a new roof installed on your home it can be expensive. Protecting that roof and making sure it lasts a long time means you’ll need to take some steps to maintain the roof. Any roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan can benefit from these tips and even if your roof is not new these tips can help it last even longer. So whether you’re trying to get a few more years out of your existing roof or you’re wanting to maintain your new roof so it lasts a long time, check out these tips.

Ways to Help Maintain Your Roof Covering in Ypsilanti Michigan

Keeping up your roof doesn’t mean you need to go on the roof every month or few months. Instead, you can check on the roof from the ground for many homes. If there are areas you can not see from the ground use a drone to take some video of the area so you don’t put yourself in danger inspecting the roof. Here are Ypsilanti Roofing Company we also do roof inspections if you need us to come out just give us a call.

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There are several roofing materials for your home. Metal roof coverings are one of the best options for both commercial and residential roof. They are highly durable, less likely to leak, fire resistant, and require much less maintenance to stay in good shape. But less maintenance does not mean no maintenance is needed. To help to guarantee that there are little to no issues with your metal roof, there are some basic maintenance tasks you will need to do.

Keep Gutters Clean

Just like with any other type of roof covering, you need to have gutters, and keep them clear. Obstructions can allow water to get backed up, letting it sit on your roof. While metal is very durable, it is still subject to corrosion from exposure to moisture over long periods of time. Corrosion not only looks bad aesthetically, but weakens your roof covering and can allow moisture to get through. You should clean your gutters and downspout at least once a month, more frequently if leaves are falling around your home.

Trim Nearby Trees

To help prevent branches and leaves from ending up on your roof or gutters, it is important to keep nearby trees trimmed back away from your home. You should also remove any dead or dying trees where they may fall into your home or onto your roof.

Remove Any Debris

Much like water overflowing from the gutters can lead to corrosion, debris can also corrode your metal roof. This is because debris like leaves can hold in moisture, allowing your roof a consistent source of moisture until it is removed.

Wipe It Down

Metal roofs are not free of problems like moss and mold growth. While it is not as common, it still can happen, making it important to clean your metal roof every so often. This does not need to be a massive task, but you should remove any signs of growth on your roof. You can also use specific solutions to tackle algae, mold, mildew or moss when they pop up. Be careful when it comes to hosing down your roof because you need to avoid getting moisture under your sheeting or in your home.

Remove Snow

Snow should also be removed from your roof, both to avoid excessive exposure to moisture, and to avoid it sliding off and hurting someone. Metal roofs do not allow snow to cling as well as other materials do, meaning that large amounts of snow can suddenly slide off.

Watch Out for Damage

Corrosion is not the only threat to your metal roof in terms of damage. Impacts can also dent your covering, making it much weaker in that spot going forward.

Look for Loose Spots

While metal sheeting is one of the best options in terms of security, you still need to make sure to look out for installation issues. Over time, strong winds can cause screws to become loose and siding to lack the ability to stay in place. At least once a year, look around your roof for anything out of the ordinary and pay attention to spots where the metal is connected directly to your home.

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