Warning Signs That Your Home’s Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan Has Been Damaged By Wind

Warning Signs That Your Home’s Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan Has Been Damaged By Wind

While many don’t consider wind to be that harmful of an element, rest assured that it can do it’s own bit of damage to your home’s roof. High winds are the pinnacle of ripping shingles off and causing plenty of issues to your home’s roof, so it’s important to know what damages can happen when high winds hit your roof and what you should do about it, this way the roof of your home won’t be compromised by slight damage that’s happened from a storm that produced high winds in your area.

If you’ve just experienced high winds in your area, then be sure to go on with this article to learn about the damages that your home’s roof could have faced. And why you should call a roof contractor in Ypsilanti Michigan to get your roof repaired quickly.

Warning Signs That Your Home’s Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan Has Been Damaged By Wind

It’s important to know that wind can be a damaging element and it can really make the roof of your home suffer, so knowing what exactly it can do and what it can damage is going to help you keep your roof in good condition to continue fighting against these elements. Wind can reach some high speeds and when that happens, you can expect to see damages happening from shingles getting ripped off, to flashing being damaged, regardless of what happens you should always contact a local professional roofing company to come out and fix the damage before it begins to worsen. We’ll teach you about the damages that wind can do to affect your home’s roof below.

Roofing Contractor in Ypsilanti MIRipped Off Asphalt Shingles

One of the most commonly known damages that can happen due to high winds in your area is your asphalt shingles ripping off of your home’s roof. It’s important to have this issue fixed immediately, as shingles provides protection against harsh elements that could severely damage your home’s roof and cause you a huge headache, so without shingles being present, you can see vulnerability in your home’s roof and potentially see problems such as rotting, infestations, and roof leaks present themselves.

Flashing Has Been Damaged

Flashing is metal sheeting that goes around the aspects that lie on your roof, this includes things such as your ventilations, chimney, and valleys. If your roof’s flashing becomes damaged, you can expect to see your home’s roof being vulnerable to roof leaks as the flashing is meant to close off the areas so that water can’t access it. If you notice that the flashing on your roof has been damaged, be sure to call a professional roofer to have it repaired.

Common Concerns and Tips About Your Home's Gutters in Ypsilanti MichiganAsphalt Shingles Started Lifting

It’s one thing to have your shingles completely rip off of your roof, it’s much easier to spot it if you aren’t looking for it. However, sometimes your shingles can become lifted and it can go unnoticed for a while if you aren’t looking for damages on your roof, so it’s important to inspect your home’s roof after high winds have hit your area. If you notice any shingles that have begun lifting up, then you’ll want to have it repaired to avoid any access damage and roof leaks that could potentially happen.

Gutter System Getting Clogged

Gutters are essential to keeping your home’s roof dry and water-free, but when it’s clogged up, it can stop water flow and keep that water on your home’s roof. This will cause your roof to experience water damage and potentially spring a leak, so it’s important to always keep your gutters cleaned. High winds can cause debris to fly everywhere and one area that it can sit at is your gutters, so if high winds have hit your area be sure to check on your gutters to ensure they’re okay and not clogged up.

Many elements can cause damage to the roof of your home, but if you’re careful and observative, you can prevent a lot of damage from spreading and becoming worse over time by having it repaired when it’s found. High winds can be damaging to a roof, so it’s important to inspect your home’s roof after storms, high winds, and so on to ensure that the condition is still in tip top shape, otherwise you could have a roof that’s suffering from undiscovered damages and problems that can get worse over time. Call Ypsilanti Roofing Company today if you have damaged roofing. We offer free estimates and can even do a roof inspection on your home if needed beforehand.