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Some Common Causes of Roof Damage on Your Michigan Home

When it comes to your home’s roof there is always some sort of threat of damage waiting to attack it. From a branch falling from a tree to wildlife critters scratching about on the roof. And when damage does occur on your home’s roof getting it repaired quickly and professionally is a must to prevent damage to the interior of the home. In this article I’ll list some common causes of roof damage on your home and why you may need to get a roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan to get it checked. 

Some Common Causes of Roof Damage on Your Michigan Home

As I mentioned above your roof is always being attacked by something. Each and every day the sun beams down causing the roofing materials to heat up and then at night the cool of the Michigan weather causes it to contract. This happens each and every day and when you add in the possible storms that can also happen it’s easy to see why having a good roof in place is so important. The small problems that occur on a roof may not seem like much at first but a small leak can actually cause big problems for the home. A simple leak can destroy ceilings, promote mold growth in the home, and even damage the home’s structure itself if left in disrepair. That’s why it’s so important to always get your home’s roof checked if you suspect there is a problem. And for home owners in Ypsilanti Michigan the best roofing contractor is Ypsilanti Roofing Company.

Always Survey the Damage From the Ground

Most of the damage that will occur on the roof can be seen from the ground especially if it’s been damaged by a storm. Home owners are not advised to inspect the roof themselves except from the ground. You can be seriously injured or even killed by falling from your roof. Always leave the roof inspection on top of the home to a professional with the right safety equipment. Plus you may also damage the roof by going on it if there is a problem with the roof decking. Most homes in the Ypsilanti Michigan area have a steep pitch which allows the roof to be seen from the ground rather easily.

Has Work Been Performed on Your Roof

Some homes have air conditioning and other components on the roof. This is especially true for commercial buildings but also applies to residential roofing as well. If you’ve had technicians on your roof doing any sort of work it’s always best to get the roof inspected so there are no problems. Sometimes roof leaks can occur around items that were recently serviced.

Age of Roof Can Be a Factor

Roofing materials can last from 15 to 50 years. Actually the warranty will last that long but sometimes the roofing materials won’t. The higher quality roofing materials that were purchased and installed on your home initially will determine just how long the roof will last. As the asphalt shingles get older however they become more susceptible to damage. The seal of the shingles will start to weaken and they may also rise up away from the roof. This allow wind to blow up and break the shingles away from the roof. Once this starts happening it’s usually time for a new roof installation. However, if high winds have affected the roof it may be only isolated damage in certain areas. Getting a roof inspection can help you determine just how much life your roof has left in it.

Storms, Wind, and Weather Can Cause Problems

Storms and wind are some of the biggest problems when it comes to your home’s roof. As the wind tends to lift and break shingles from the roof the rain will then start to make it’s way into your home. Some of the worst storms can cause damage to a new roof so always give your roof a quick visual inspection from the ground after a major storm. And if you see a problem with the roof in any way be sure to get the roof inspected.

Get a Roof Inspection if You Suspect Problems

It’s always better to be safe than sorrow and when it comes to your roof it’s no different. If you suspect there is damage to your home’s roof then by all means be sure to get a roof inspection. Call Ypsilanti Roofing Company today to schedule a roof inspection on your home at 734-291-0165