Is Your Roof Failing in Ypsilanti Michigan? Check Out These Tips!

The roof on your home is always under threats of weather. Once a small problem occurs on the roof it can lead to all sorts of problems to the interior of the home. That’s why learning the signs that your roof is failing is so important. Being able to determine that you need roof repair in Ypsilanti Michigan before a leak occurs can save you thousands of dollars in many cases based on the damage the roof leak can cause. In this article I’ll go over signs that your home’s roof is failing and what you can do about it as well. 

Is Your Roof is Failing in Ypsilanti Michigan? Check Out These Tips!

The following signs are based on one of the most popular roofing materials in use today in the Ypsilanti Michigan area which is asphalt shingles. There are many brands, styles, and designs of asphalt shingles but they will typically all have these same characteristics that are mentioned below.

7 Signs Your Roof is Failing in Ypsilanti Michigan

1 – Roof Leaking on the Interior of Your Home

It may seem obvious but if you notice a roof leak because of water coming in the home be sure to get it repaired as quickly as possible. One of the biggest problems with homes that have a small roof leak that continues on for some time is that mold can start to grow in the home which can be dangerous for your family’s health. If your home has a roof leak, get it repaired to prevent any further damage.

2 – Flashing Damage on the Roof

Flashing is a metal material the helps to seal areas where the roof meets another part of the home. Chimneys and other components may also have flashing installed on them as well as any valleys in the home’s roof. Flashing can get damaged and pull away from walls for a variety of reasons. Sometimes foundation problems can cause the home to pull away like this. If you notice gaps between the flashing and the wall it’s connected to you may have a problem and you’ll need to get a roofing contractor to inspect the flashing to be sure.

3 – Chimney, Skylights, and Other Components Damage

Some of the most common roof problems isn’t the roofing surface itself but the components on the roof. Items like skylights and chimneys can be very problematic and are prime candidates for a roof leak. There are also plumbing and ventilation pipes that protrude the roof which can cause leaks as well. Make sure you look at these items closely with binoculars from the ground to inspect them.

4 – Broken or Missing Asphalt Shingles

Storms can cause all sorts of damage on your home’s roof. One of the more common problems is that it will cause the shingles to break and physically damage the shingle. Once the shingle breaks it can allow water to pass through the roofing surface on to the underlying felt. From there is can make it’s way into the home and cause damages. Be sure to look at your roof after a storm and see if there are broken shingles on the roof. You may also see bits and pieces of shingles on the ground as well.

5 – Environmental Damage to the Roof

If your roof is in the shade much of the time you may have environmental damage on the roof. This can be anything from moss growing on the roof to small plants. It usually occurs when debris such as leaves are left on the roof and basically forms a place to start this growth. Keeping your roof free of debris such as leaves can help to alleviate this problem. Trim back trees if needed.

6 – Roof Ice Dams

Ypsilanti Michigan can have some cold winters and with that cold weather comes  a problem for roofing. When ice forms at the edge of the roof it basically makes a dam where melted snow from the roof freezes. As more snow and ice thaws on the roof and runs down the bigger it gets and more water is backing up on your roof holding that moisture which can lead to problems.

7 – Storm Damage to the Roof

Although storm damage to the roof usually means breaking of shingles there are other problems that can occur as well. Hail can cause small breaks that are hard to notice and debris blown into the roof such as limbs can cause damage as well. Look for any signs of damage after a storm has came through the area.

Get a Roof Inspection to be Sure

In order to get the best knowledge about your roof and whether it’s failing or not you can get a roof inspection. Getting an annual roof inspection Ypsilanti MI can help you prevent damages to your home’s roof and find and repair any problems. If you need a roof inspection on your Ypsilanti Michigan home be sure to call A2 Roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan for a roof inspection at 734-548-9915