Does Your Home Need New Shingle Roofing?

Asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most popular roofing systems on the market today. In fact, most homes in Michigan have asphalt shingles installed. And while this type of roofing is popular many people don’t know what a failing roof looks like when it needs replacing. In this article I’ll talk about some of the reasons why you may want to get a new roof installed on your home. 

Does Your Home Need New Shingle Roofing? Here’s How You Can Decide

One of the biggest things you’ll need to consider when determining if your roof needs replacing is the age of the roof. Asphalt shingle roofs can last for 50 years under the right conditions and if they are properly maintained throughout those years. Unfortunately, that’s for ideal conditions and it’s also when a higher quality roofing shingle is used. Most homes don’t fall under this category. You can expect an asphalt shingle roof to last between 10 and 40 years. Of course, that has a lot to do with many different aspects of the shingle as well. Higher quality asphalt shingles will last longer. Also areas where humidity is higher and trees are covering the roof could make the roof not last as long. Listed below are some of the things you’ll need to look at when determining if it’s time to replace your roof.

Is The Roof Currently Leaking?

If your roof is leaking you’ll need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Even small leaks can cause loads of damage to your home and it’s roof. Water will start getting into areas where it isn’t supposed to be and start doing damage. This damage that is being caused may not be visible from the interior or exterior of the home. It may be discovered with an attic inspection of the roof however. If your roof has been leaking for some time be sure to get the entire roof inspection done before just opting for a roof repair.

How Does the Shingle Roof Look?

One of the tell-tale signs that a shingle roof is going bad is the asphalt shingles will start to curl on the corners. Look at the tabs on the shingles to ensure they are laying flat and are level. When the shingle starts to curl like this it allows wind to get under the shingles and sometimes break the tab. It’s a common problem on shingle roof once they have some age on them. Be sure to look at the shingles and ensure they are flat and the edges are not starting to curl upwards.

One of the tell-tale signs that a shingle roof is going bad is the asphalt shingles will start to curl on the corners.

Does Your Home Need New Shingle Roofing

Is There Moss or Plants Growing on the Roof?

It may seem like plants can’t grow on your roof but when the roof is not properly maintained it can happen. Especially if there are trees that over hang the roof and leaves are constantly falling on the roof. These leaves and debris will hold moisture against the asphalt shingles causing them to fail prematurely. When enough dirt and debris builds up you may start to see moss growing in that are along with other plants if it’s bad enough. You can get roof maintenance down to clean these areas off but sometimes you’ll need a new roof installation if the damage is bad enough. So be sure to get the following for your asphalt shingle roofing:

  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof Maintenance

Ask A Contractor to Inspect the Roof

One of the best ways to determine if you need a new roof or not is to ask a certified roofing contractor such as All Point Construction. By letting a qualified roofing contractor take a look at your roof you can better determine if you need a new roof. These guys are in the roofing business and know what a good roof should look like. They can also inspect your current roof in areas that are not possible from the ground. Areas like roof penetrations and skylights can leak and cause damage to the roof and you may never know it. That’s why it’s so important to always get regular roof inspections done annually. You can also set up a roof maintenance program with many roofing contractors to ensure your roof is always performing as it should and protecting you and your family.