Roof Maintenance to Protect Your Roof

Roof Maintenance to Protect Your Roof

Keeping your roof in tip top working condition means you’ll need to perform regular roof maintenance. And although you may not be able to climb on your roof and look around there are many things that you can do that don’t put your safety at risk. This article looks at some of the roof maintenance items you can do to keep your home in working condition and your roof performing as it should. 

Roof Maintenance to Protect Your Roof

One thing that you’ll need to keep in mind is that going on to  your roof is extremely dangerous. A fall from the roof can seriously injure or even kill you. It’s best to get a certified roofing contractor to do any work on top of your home. With that being said there are things that you can do that can help your roof perform the way it should and they don’t involve dangerous activities to do so.

Check Attics and Ceilings for Water Damage

When water starts leaking from the roof it’s usually not much at all. In fact, most roof leaks will start very small and take months before they are even noticed by a home owner. Usually when it gets to the point of soaking through ceilings and causing all sorts of water damage the roof leak is large. Locating a small roof leak before it does all this damage means finding it while it’s still small. One way to locate a roof leak from the interior of the home is to look for discoloration of ceilings on higher levels of the home. You can also use a flashlight in your attic and look for signs of water leaking. If you locate a place where the roof is leaking be sure to get roof repair done on that area as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage to the home.

Get Regular Roof Inspections on Your Home’s Roof

One thing that you need to do in order to keep your roof in good shape is to get regular roof inspections done by qualified roofing contractors. Getting a roof inspection done on your home’s roof every year can help to locate problems before they become leaks. A roofing inspection can also give you a better understanding of just how much longer your roof will last. Many times a roof inspection will locate problem areas that are not yet leaks but have the potential to become leaks shortly. Repairing the problem means you avoid any type of water damage that may have occurred from a roof leak.

Get Your Roof Inspected Regularly

Clean Debris From Roof and Gutters

One of the biggest problems that home owners who have lots of trees around their home experience is debris collecting on the roof. Leaves and dust can settle on the roof and cause all sorts of problems. Many times this debris will gather in roof valleys and in gutters. Debris such as piles of leaves that have collected on your roof can cause problems. The biggest problem is that it holds moisture against the roofing surface constantly. This can allow for mold or moss growth and also cause the roof to wear prematurely. And the worst part is that once the debris has been there a while it can make the underlying roof look different than the surrounding roof.

Even when the debris has been removed the stain could still be there. Don’t let this debris collect on your roof. If you see this on your roof be sure to get a roof contractor to inspect and remove the debris.

You also need to make sure the gutters are clear as well. A big problem with gutters getting clogged is they hold moisture to the bottom of the roof. This means that your overhang on the house could become damaged and you may even see roof ice dam start to form on the roof during winter. Getting regular roof maintenance is key to keeping things like this from happening.

Get Your Roof Inspected Today

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