Reasons Your Roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan May Be Failing Prematurely

Having a new roof on your home can be great. It can give you peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry if that latest storm is going to cause it to leak or not. Plus, with a new roof installation you likely have a warranty that includes repairs if there is any damage that does occur on the roof. There are some things that can make the roofing on your home age prematurely however. What’s even worse is that some of these things can void the warranty on your home’s roof which could mean you’ll need to get a new roof in Ypsilanti Michigan much sooner than you expected. Included in this article are tips to help ensure you get the most out of your roof and some factors that will cause it to age prematurely.

Reasons Your Roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan May Be Failing Prematurely

Most of the roofing materials that are installed today are asphalt shingle roofing. Even low quality asphalt shingle roofing can last more than 15 years if it’s properly maintained. However, a poorly maintained roof with any of the following problems can see a much smaller lifespan. Here are some reasons why your roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan may be aging prematurely and likely soon to fail:

Reasons Your Roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan May Be Failing PrematurelyMoisture

Moisture is bad for your roofing. Not only because of the fact that it can sometimes penetrate the roofing and end up being a roof leak but moisture constantly on your roof is a problem. It can lead to algae growth, granule loss for the shingles, and cause the shingles to become brittle. The most common cause of moisture on the roofing shingles is debris on the roof. Debris such as leaves which pool on the roof and become wet will constantly hold moisture against the roofing shingles. This can also cause the shingles to fade and discolor even after the debris is removed. Make sure your roof does not have debris collected for extended amounts of time.

Improper Ventilation for the Roof

Another common problem that many people never consider is the ventilation on the roofing being blocked. Many times the roof ventilation helps dry out the roofing and relieves humidity that may be in your attic. This humidity unchecked can lead to all sorts of problems that includes premature aging of your roof. Another common problem with improper ventilation is mold growth in the attic. Be careful when stacking boxes in the attic that you don’t block any ventilation openings. You’ll also want to check to ensure that animals have not blocked the ventilation as well. Bird nests are a common problem with ventilation becoming blocked.

Defects in Materials or Improper Installation

Most of the major roofing manufacturers have strict quality control measures designed to ensure the roofing materials that are installed on your home are free from defects. However, sometimes problems can get through and if you use a lower quality roofing material the chances of this happening are more likely.


While the roof on your home is designed to withstand most of the weather here in Ypsilanti Michigan there are some weather events which can damage even the best roofing. Huge storms that have lots of hail, ice, or wind can put your roof to the test and repeatedly having these storms can sometimes cause the roof to age prematurely. Many times however the roof warranty covers this damage.

Improper Snow Clearing or Washing

There are many homeowners who think that washing their roof is a good idea. It is not in most cases. High pressure water on the roof can blast away shingle granules and lead to premature aging. Clearing snow from your roof using brushes or brooms which contact the roofing surface can also cause these granules to break away and eventually cause a roof leak. It’s best to not attempt to wash your roof as this almost always leads to damages to the roofing materials.

Get a Roof Inspection on your Roof

In order to understand just what shape your roof is in and whether there are any problems on the roof or not you’ll need to get the roof inspected. At Ypsilanti Roofing Company we can inspect your roof and offer repairs and advice about how to better maintain your roof. Call us today to get started!