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Popular Upgrade Options for Ypsilanti Michigan Residents

A roof may not be the most interesting or enjoyable upgrade you can do to your home. Typically, your home’s roof is often more of an afterthought because it is something that isn’t hands-on or “used” like a kitchen or a bathroom. But it serves a very important purpose and can greatly increase your home’s value and curb appeal. So whether you are looking to sell your home, or just want to save some money in the long term, roofing upgrades are definitely something that every homeowner needs to consider. Here at Ypsilanti Roofing Company, we offer a variety of upgrade options for your home’s roof. We also offer roof repair and new roof installations. If you’re experiencing a problem with your roof or simply want to discuss any upgrade options, give us a call today!

Popular Upgrade Options for Ypsilanti Michigan Residents

Upgrades on your roof in Ypsilanti Michigan can range from aesthetic to efficient in nature and it is important to consider all the benefits and downsides of the different projects and materials. Some of the most popular options for roofing upgrades include:

Opting For Energy Efficient Shingles

Shingles are the most common covering option for roofs because they are both aesthetically pleasing and affordable. There are a wide range of shingles available for you to choose from. They range in textures and colors and can aid greatly in increasing your home’s curb appeal. One of these options includes more energy efficient shingles over the traditional shingles. These shingles are typically more reflective so they can bounce the UV rays off of them, rather than absorbing them into the materials. This can decrease your cooling costs by around 15 percent and save you money, especially in the summer months.

Improving The Ventilation In Your Roof

Another upgrade to your roof that can save you a lot of money in the long term deals with ventilation. Without proper ventilation, your roof can not only be incredibly warm but can provide perfect conditions for mold to grow and thrive in. Every roof needs at least some ventilation, but it can be highly beneficial to create additional ventilation. The more air that can flow freely through your roof and attic, the cooler the attic will be. That will also decrease the amount you need to pay to cool the rest of your home as well.

Choosing Low Maintenance Gutters

Gutters are a necessary part of keeping moisture off of your roof and away from your foundation. But it is necessary for you to manually check your gutters and remove any debris that has built up. Otherwise, moisture can build up on your roof and make its way into your home’s interior. If you want to have a more hands-free experience, it can be helpful to upgrade to low maintenance gutters. These gutters offer a more seamless design that lowers your risk of getting clogged or leaking. You also have a wider range of colors to choose from.

Install An Airtight Chimney Cap

If you have a chimney on your roof it can be an easy access point for both moisture and animals to get in. Because you do not use your chimney year round it can mean a perfect place for rain, birds, squirrels and bugs to get in. Once they get in it can be difficult to get them out and they can cause damage that you may not notice until you try to use your chimney. That is why it is recommended that you have an airtight cap over the opening of your chimney to prevent any issues when it isn’t in use.

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