Knowing When a Home Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan Needs Repairs

Knowing When a Home Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan Needs Repairs

There are numerous signs that a roof needs repair. Some of them include minor leaks to older, sagging shingles. In this article, some common problems with roofs will be highlighted, so you will know when to begin looking to hire a qualified roofing contractor in Ypsilanti Michigan. You will also know when you can handle the issues yourself.

Knowing When a Home Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan Needs Repairs

It doesn’t matter if they are on your dream home or beginner home; shingles are the most important of all things. They are like the icing on the cake for your roof. They protect the structure from any sun, wind, water, and anything else that may come down the road. Many things can let you know that a roof is failing, and the shingles are usually the first to contain signs of damage. Here are some ways that shingles break down over time and indicate that you need some repairs:

Roofing Contractor Ypsilanti MICurled Shingles

Shingles can start cupping. Cupping means that they can curl upward or curl in the middle, which is known as clawing. They are both signs that weathering is taking place, and that might indicate roofing repair on a significant scale. Curing can also mean that there are possible leaks that are ready to take place. If you do notice this, your roof may already have some problems.

Shingles That Are Cracked

Cracked shingles happen when wind damage occurs. If only a few random shingles are broken, there is no need to worry. The answer is to replace them. However, if you witness large spots on cracked shingles, it is most probably a sign that structural damage is taking place beneath them.

The appearance of Bald Spots

If you have a couple of missing shingles here or there, it isn’t usually a cause for concern. Nonetheless, if you notice a bald patch on the roof, it makes perfect sense to replace it with some new shingles.

Any Plant Growth

One of the least concerning of the bunch is growth. Growth, as in moss and algae, is mainly a cosmetic issue. It doesn’t mean that mold is running wild all over your home. Growth such as these is due to several factors like humidity and location. So, if you can stand the look of it, you should be just fine.

How to Tell When You Need Repairs on Your Shingle Roof in Ypsilanti MichiganWhat’s The Age on Your Roof?

One question you do want to ask, if you don’t know the answer, you may want to look into it just before you start making repairs of any kind. Roofs in many places can last between 20 and 25 years. If your roof still looks great but is over 30 years old, you should be looking for any problems that may arise. You will also endeavor to keep the roof free of any extra weight, such as snow, and make sure to update shingles to lengthen the life of the roof longer. If the time comes to replace the roof completely, you will be sure to think over the type of design you want and pick the best style possible for you!

Look Around for Leaks in The Attic

The very first place that a roof leak would happen is in the attic. So, it is wise to look there, and the best day to choose is a sunny one. On that day, crawl up to your attic carefully and witness if any sunlight is seeping inside. You can also choose a rainy day. Climb up to the roof carefully during a heavy rainstorm, and make sure to bring along a good light source to observe if you see any spot dripping water. If you should happen to see either, the best advice is to take care of the issue before it worsens.

What’s In Your Gutters?

The gutters can be easily overlooked when one is seeking problems with their roof. The gutters are what catch any of the debris that should slide off of your roof. If, you find that you are cleaning a whole lot more than just sticks and leaves from your gutters, you may indeed have a real problem. A big sign of damage in asphalt roofs is granules that you find in the gutter. If you should start seeing little pieces of asphalt in your gutters, this may indicate a much larger problem that will need to be fixed. But, do note that if you just got your roof and notice these granules, don’t fly into a panic or worry. It’s only the excess coming off. However, if your roof is over 10 years old and this is occurring, it may be the signal that some repairs are needed.

Does Your Roof Need a Facelift or Not?

People get older, and so do roofs! One sign of any apparent aging roof is sagging. If you see it on your roof, the chances are you’re going to require a new replacement. Hanging is an indication that there is a structural issue between your roof and the attic. It doesn’t only look bad; it is something that can also be dangerous. True, you may not be in any immediate danger with a sagging roof, but should you let it go long enough. You will undoubtedly run the risk of it collapsing and causing a lot more damage to your home.

The roof on a home is a vital part of keeping the home safe from the weather. Outside elements can cause damage to a home. Still, if you know how to recognize them, you will be able to get rid of any minor problems that can turn into much bigger ones when you make sure to regularly monitor a roof for missing shingles, leaks, and other issues. You are enabling the life of your roof and saving a lot of money on roofing repair down the line or a complete replacement.

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