How to Tell Whether Your Home Needs Roof Repair in Ypsilanti Michigan

How to Tell Whether Your Home Needs Roof Repair in Ypsilanti Michigan

Having a roof leak on your home can lead to all sorts of damages inside the home. The most common problems you’ll find when you have a roof leak on your home is a discoloration on your ceiling where the roof leak is. As the water from the roof leak contacts to drywall in the ceiling it causes this discoloration. And while that’s certainly a sign you need roof repair in Ypsilanti Michigan it’s not the only sign and sometimes a roof leak can be happening and you don’t even realize it. Here are some ways to determine if your roof is leaking and causing damage in your home.

How to Tell Whether Your Home Needs Roof Repair in Ypsilanti Michigan

Roof leaks can come in many sizes. From a small roof leak that only allows a few drops of water each time it rains to a large hole in your roof that can flood your entire home.  Both of these roof leaks can lead to water damage in your home but the biggest problem is that many home owners will delay roof repairs when the roof doesn’t leak that much. Over time however, leaving a roof leak unattended to can cause other damage in your home including mold growth. It’s always best to get your roof repaired as soon as you realize there is a problem.

Leaks in the Attic

Not all roof leaks will show up as stains on the ceiling. In fact, depending on how your home is laid out and the attic you’re likely find a roof leak in the attic area long before a stain on your home’s ceiling shows up. Many times a roof leak will show up in the attic even if it’s unfinished. Water can saturate the insulation in the attic and depending on the flooring in the attic it can also travel to other areas of the home which may not be in plain view. Think of areas like a closet where the ceiling just isn’t checked regularly and is out of sight.

Broken, Missing, or Cracked Shingles

Since most homes in Ypsilanti Michigan have shingle roofing installed it’s important to mention problems that can occur with them. Wind and animals can cause damage to the shingles on your home by bending them backwards and breaking them. This commonly occurs on older roofing where the shingles lose some of their rigidity. The shingles can break and then fall away from the roof leaving an empty spot which is very noticeable on the roof. The shingles may also fall back into place but now have a huge crack on them. Usually when this occurs it is still pretty noticeable even from the ground.

The good thing about shingle roof repair however is that you can have just a single shingle replaced. Replacing broken or damaged shingles after a major storm is common. And although a broken shingle or missing shingles may not cause a roof leak straight away, it will over time. The underlayment on most homes will prevent the roof leak from occurring for a short time but this is only minimal protection and will likely fail within a short time.

Sagging Roofs

If the roof on your home is leaking the first type of problem that will show is the roof is sagging. This is especially true if the roof leak is very small and doesn’t show up inside the home. As water penetrates the roofing surface it comes in contact with the roof decking which is typically made of wood. Water starts to saturate this wooden roof decking making it heavy and weakening it. When it dries the roof decking will likely not spring back to where it was and end up looking like waves on your roof. Over time these waves will get more and more pronounced.

Get a Quote for a New Roof or Roof Repairs

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