Here are Some Common Reasons You May Have a Roof Leak in Ypsilanti Michigan

As a homeowner, one of the worst possible things to have happen is to find that your roof is leaking. The cause for this could be nearly anything, so finding that problem can be difficult and frustrating. Knowing that you have to find the source, make repairs, and shell out for the costs of repair only amplify the frustration. You don’t exactly have time to prepare since waiting on roof repairs only makes matters worse. At Ypsilanti Roofing Company we can help end that frustration with a our full service on roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan.

Here are Some Common Reasons You May Have a Roof Leak in Ypsilanti Michigan

In the event you can’t quite uncover the leak, you may want to consider the following as potential reasons you have a leak:
Here are Some Common Reasons You May Have a Roof Leak in Ypsilanti Michigan

  1. >Holes – Perhaps the most obvious cause for roof leaks would be holes or damages. Whether this is due to natural weather issues or damage caused by a fallen tree, anything that causes damage to the roof automatically increases the risk for leaks. Installation of equipment on the roof such as antennae or satellites introduced hardware such as screws and bolts, adding additional holes to the roof and increasing the potential for water to seep into the roof.
  2. Aging Roof – An aging roof is more susceptible to damage and therefore leaks. This should go without having to be said, but an aged roof is weaker than a new roof. Regular maintenance and upkeep are important over time to ensure your roof stays in the best condition it can. Regardless of the care you take in protecting your roof, it bears the brunt of the elements, thus weakening over time, making it possible for leaks to occur.
  3. Broken/Missing Shingles – If there are missing shingles, water can be exposed to parts of the roof that it shouldn’t, causing the potential for seepage and pooling, causing leaks. Missing or damaged shingles can be caused by a variety of things from weather, to debris damage, to animal caused damage.
  4. Damaged Flashing – Flashing is the water resistant barriers that separate and seal areas beneath the shingles. Sometimes these may shift out of position and could lead to leaks. Also, the caulking used could dry out and crack over time, also posing a risk for leaks to occur.
  5. Skylights – Like any window, skylights increase the risk for leaks. Being that it is a window in the ceiling, leaks from skylights tend to be easy to detect. Usually any leaks around skylights are due to faulty installation. This is one more reason to ensure that you are using professionals whenever making inspections or renovations to your home.
  6. Clogged Gutters – It is important to keep those gutters clean! While they won’t cause a roof leak directly, clogged gutters do increase the risk for leaks to occur. Without the ability to flow smoothing through the gutter system, water can pool on the roof edges, posing a greater risk of causing leaks.
  7. Fascia/Soffit Damages – Any of the undersides to arches or balconies on your roof could be the source of leaks and damage you may not readily see. General wear and tear, accompanied by damages created by animal, can lead to serious damages. Due to the damages, moisture can get into the roof and potentially cause leaks.
  8. Roof Vents – Having a roof ventilation system automatically opens up your roof to have one more potential location for leaks to occur. Vents and gaskets are susceptible to cracking, allowing water to enter through these gaps and cause leaks. It is important to closely inspect these to ensure they are not the cause for roof leaks.
  9. Chimney – As one more facet to the infrastructure in your roof, the chimney can pose as a potential cause for roof leaks. Luckily, leaks caused by the chimney are typically easy to locate. Small holes in the chimney could allow for water entry, and it’s possible to even have water pooling at the base.

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