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Getting a Roof Inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan – What Should You Expect?

A great way to determine what shape your home’s roof is currently in is by getting a roof inspection. A roof inspection can help you better understand the key points when it comes to your home’s roof. A roof inspection can also help to locate problems on the roof that may or may not have already resulted in a roof leak. Catching a problem before it can cause more damage to the home can help to prevent lots of damage to the inside of your home. We’ll go over what to expect when you get a roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan and give you key reasons why it’s such a good idea to get one regularly on your home’s roof.

Getting a Roof Inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan – What Should You Expect?

If your home’s roof is over 5 years then getting a roof inspection regularly can certainly help. During the first 5 years after a roof was installed, there usually are no problems however the roof may be damaged by severe storms and other threatening weather. It’s also worth mentioning that if your roof was not installed by licensed professionals you may want to get a roof inspection before 5 years after the install. In either case, when you get a roof inspection and determine there is a problem with your roof you’ll want to get a roof inspection. Here is more details on getting a roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan:

Getting a Roof Inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan - What Should You Expect?When Should You Get a Roof Inspection?

In order to keep a close eye on your home’s roof it’s best to get a regular roof inspection on your home. But how do you know how often? It’s best to get an annual roof inspection on your home to help find any potential problems. If your roof is over 15 years old you should likely get a roof inspection at least twice per year.

While getting a regular roof inspection on your home at timed intervals can help, there are some times when you should get a roof inspection done because of events. If you suspect your roof is damaged in some way by falling branches, severe storms, or any other event, it’s best to get a roof inspection. Getting a roof inspection before the next rain can potentially stop a roof leak before it starts. And since most roofs are damaged during storms, when you suspect storm damage to your home’s roof, be sure to get it inspected.

What is Checked During a Roof Inspection?

During a routine roof inspection, the roofer will inspect different parts of the roof. Here is a list of many of the items that are checked and why:

  • Roofing Surface – The roofing surface of the entire roof is examined and the roofer will look for signs of damage. The roofer will also look for problems with the roofing surface such as granule loss, curling of the shingles, and other damage. You can better determine how much life is left in your shingles because of this.
  • Valleys and Ridges – The valleys on your home’s roof are important because the water on the roof is channeled there before exiting the roof. A problem here can mean lots of water damage to the home. Alternatively, a problem in the ridges can mean improper ventilation which can cause the roof to fail prematurely.
  • Skylights, Chimneys, Other Components – A common place where roof leaks occur is around roofing components such as chimneys and skylights. These are examined closely to determine if the seal to the roof is still intact and performing as it should. Many times cracks will occur causing the component to leak.
  • Plumbing Pipes and Other Roof Penetrations – Any component the breaches the roofing surface may cause problems and is inspected. If there are problems with any of the seals around roof penetrations it can lead to a roof leak.
  • Gutters – Gutters are important because they help to remove water from the roof. If you have clogged gutters you may be causing problems on your home’s roof by water backing up on it. Make sure to keep your gutters clear.

What if There is a Problem on the Roof?

If there is a problem found on the roof the homeowner is informed. Sometimes the problems that are found during a roof inspection are potential problems that can lead to a roof leak. At Ypsilanti Roofing Company, if we find a problem on your home’s roof during an inspection we’ll also provide an estimate for repair. We can then repair the roof. Call us today if you want to schedule a roof inspection on your Ypsilanti Michigan home at 734-291-0165