Roof Inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan

Get a Free Roof Inspection in Ypsilanti MI to Find Out What is Going on with Your Roof!

Knowing what state your roof is in can give you a lot of information. The problem is most people don’t think about getting their roofs inspected until there is a problem or they want to sell their home. But actually, you can find out a lot about your roof by having a licensed roofing contractor do a roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan. The information you can get from this inspection is crucial to ensuring your roof will last a long time. 

Roof Inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan : Here’s What You’ll Learn

One thing to keep in mind is that you should have a roof inspection done each year for best results. Many times home owners will wait from 2-5 years but sometimes that can be too long between inspections. For best results and to find any problems before they become really bad you’ll need to get a roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan every year. You may also want to get a roof inspection after a major storm as well when your roof may have been damaged by wind.

What Can You Find Out with a Roof Inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan

The Current State of Your Home’s Roof

Do you know how well your roof is performing? Most people would think that if a roof is not leaking it’s in good shape. However, problems on the roof can take some time to develop and when that happens a roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan can help locate those problems and fix them before it starts leaking. A roofing inspection will give you information on the current state of your roof. So if your roof will need to be replaced soon the roofing contractor will inform you and give estimates on the time frame involved. This can also help give you some time before a new roof installation takes place so you can get estimates and quotes on installing the new roof in Ypsilanti Michigan.

Details About the Roof Penetrations of Your Roof

The roofing contractor who does a roof inspection on your home will not only check the roofing surface but other areas of the roof as well. One of the biggest problem areas for roofs is roof penetrations. These roof penetrations can be almost anything but the most common are:

  • Chimneys
  • Skylights
  • Decorative items on the roof
  • Ventilation Plumbing pipes
  • Ventilation fans

All of these items (if applicable) will be checked by the roofing contractor that conducts the roof inspection. The seals and boots of each of these items may be cracked or peeled away and require careful inspection. Most roofing contractors will also take pictures of the damaged area to show the home owner when doing a full roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan.

Problems with Debris Buildup or Wildlife

Another area of concern is the amount of debris on the roof. This is quite common for homes with many trees around the home and hanging over the roof. When the leaves from the trees fall or are blown onto the roof they collect in areas like valleys. Allowing debris to remain on the roof can cause constant moisture in that area which can significantly lower the life span of your roof. The roofing contractor may recommend cutting trees back that hang over the roof. Another problem with trees is that the limbs may brush against the roofing surface causing damage. Sweeping limbs can remove granules from shingles and also scratch metal roofing to the point of needing replacement.


Another area of concern is the amount of debris on the roof. This is quite common for homes with many trees around the home and hanging over the roof.


Missing Roof Materials or Problems on the Roof

There may be parts missing from your roof that have been blown away during a storm. Bits and pieces of shingles are commonly removed during a storm with high winds and if your home was affected by this a roof contractor will inspect it. The roofing contractor will be looking for pieces of missing roof parts. You can sometimes see missing shingles and such from the ground but a qualified roofing expert will need to be on the roof to ensure a good check.

Do You Need a Roof Inspection on Your Ypsilanti Michigan Home?

If your home has been some time without a roof inspection now could be the perfect time. You should get a roof inspection every year and if you haven’t this year then now is the time. You can get 10% off your roof inspection when you choose a roof contractor from Ypsilanti Roofing Company. To learn more be sure to click here.