Five Maintenance Tips For Your Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan

Your homes roof relies on your maintenance to stay in tip top shape, keeping you and your home protected by harsh climate and elements in the world. Commonly asphalt shingle roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, however this can be shortened due to lack of maintenance. Keeping your homes roof in good condition will prolong the lifespan of it as well as keep you safe and secure for decades to come. So making sure not to neglect your roof is a key priority, that’s why your homes roof needs regular maintenance all year round. 

Five Maintenance Tips For Your Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan

But for many homeowners, maintenance isn’t something everyone knows how to do nor what to look for when it comes to damages that’s been done to your homes roof. If you aren’t someone who is unable to keep your roof well maintained, then hiring a local professional roofing company to inspect your roof regularly will be ideal. However, if you are someone who is able to keep your homes roof properly maintained, then keep reading and see the best maintenance tips for your roof.

Roof Maintenance Ypsilanti MI

  • Clean Your Gutters

Your homes gutters do a number of positive things for your home. Gutters keep water away from the exterior of your home, so mold and mildew won’t start to grow. They also help your roof not be submerged in water at the edges. Cleaning your gutters regularly will prevent water building up on the edge of your roof, which can cause water to seep underneath your shingles and cause water damage and it can also seep down on the exterior of your home, potentially seeping into your basement. This can be a huge issue down the road, so better safe than sorry. 

  • Damaged Shingles

Shingles can become damaged in numerous amounts of ways. If you stand in your yard and look up to your roof, you can get a visual on if any shingles are broken or misaligned. This can cause issues like leaks to happen, so having it repaired quickly can save you a lot of money in the future. Debris can also build up on your roof, making a pool of water form and start seeping underneath your shingles, this should be addressed quickly as the water can start rotting the wood underneath your roof and that can mess up your homes structure. 

  • Trimming Branches

Trees are a beautiful aesthetic to your home, but they do pose a threat to your homes roof. Tree branches overhanging onto your roof can scrape away your shingles, causing wear and tear and making them weak, potentially ripping them off. So trimming your tree branches back will ensure this doesn’t happen. Tree branches can also fall onto your homes roof and puncture it, leaving a hole for water to seep into. So be sure to have any tree branches that overhang your homes roof trimmed back by a professional.

Ypsilanti MI Roof Repair

  • Flashing

Flashing is metal sheeting that goes around aspects that live upon your roof, such as your chimney, vents, and pipe drains. They serve as a water resistant barrier to keep water from seeping into your home. Over time the sealant around the flashing of your roof can crack or deteriorate, so if it’s been awhile since you’ve checked your flashings, it may be a good time to do so. 

  • Inspect Your Attic For Leaks

Inspecting your attics for leaks should be something every homeowner does regularly, as it can prevent a lot of damage. In broad daylight, go into your attic and look to see if any sunlight is shining directly in or not. If it is, there’s a chance your roof has a leak and needs to be addressed by a professional to have it repaired.

Maintaining your homes roof regularly will give you the best chance of keeping your roof in great condition, giving you decades of an eased mind that you and your home is protected. Some tips can be dangerous though, climbing up to your roof to inspect it can lead to fatal injuries. So, it may be best to hire a local professional Ypsilanti roofing company to come out and inspect your roof for you, as that will give you the best idea of what could be wrong as professionals know what they need to look for. Call us today for roofing services in Ypsilanti Michigan.