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Finding the Option That is Right for Your Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan

The roof on your home is one of the most important components. If there is a problem on your home’s roof then it can affect almost every other part of the home either directly or indirectly. And when you have a problem associated with your home’s roof it’s best to get it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible so that the rest of your home doesn’t get damaged by water which can cost even more in home repair costs. There are some options available to you when there is a problem on your roof that can save money which we’ll go over in this article. 

Finding the Option That is Right for Your Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan

For roofing, there are many options that will be available to you. Some of these options can affect the longevity of the roofing materials while others only affect the style of the roof. Today, there are many different styles and colors you can choose from to go on your home and each can have their own unique look. Not only that there are also options when it comes to other roofing components as well including the under-layment of the roof and the method for installing the new roof in Ypsilanti Michigan. Here are some of the options that a roofing contractor may ask of you.

Finding the Option That is Right for Your Roof in Ypsilanti MichiganRoof Repair Vs Roof Replacement

There are many times a roofing contractor will suggest a roof replacement when a home owner doesn’t need it. You may have a roof leak in your home and think you need a new roof installed when actually you may only need a roof repair done to get the roof back in good working order and protecting your home. At Ypsilanti Roofing Company we strive to deliver exceptional service and be totally upfront about any services you may need. We offer a roof inspection service to help you determine just what shape your roof is in and whether you need a new roof or roof replacement.  Don’t simply assume you need a new roof installed because you have a roof leak, we can present you with the details to help you make a more informed decision about replacing your home’s roof.

Getting your Home Re-Roofed

One of the biggest options you’ll have to make if you are getting a new roof installed is the method on which the roof is installed. There are two main methods for replacing a roof with the first being the traditional removal of the old roof. This includes stripping the roof materials from the roof down to the roof decking. This is the more expensive method of installing the new roof but it allows us to better inspect all portions of the roof and if there is a problem it can be addressed before the new roof is installed.

The other method for installing a new roof is called re-roofing. During re-roofing the old roof is left in place and a new layer of shingles are attached on top of the old roofing materials. This saves money because it cuts down on the labor and disposal costs of removing the old roof. When completed a re-roofed home will look almost identical to a home that has had the old roof removed, it will just be much cheaper. Some homes will not be able to use this option however because adding more than two layers of shingles on the home simply adds too much weight to the home and is not allowed by local Ypsilanti Michigan building codes.

Finding the Best Roofing Material Option

The roofing material that is used on your home’s roof is also a very important option. There are many different brands, styles, and qualities of roofing materials today. Many of these different roofing choices will have a warranty attached. Choosing a roofing material that has the warranty you’re looking for at a price you can afford can be a difficult decision.

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