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Consider the Option of Getting a Re-Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan to Save Money

If your roof is in need of replacement, or needs to be re-covered, you know the importance of time. Roofs can get worse very quickly once there is already a problem, meaning you need to start the process as soon as possible. And if your roof is too damaged you may not be able to use a method of roof replacement that can save you money. This method is known as re-roofing. Getting a new roof in Ypsilanti Michigan typically means you have two options for roof replacement and the prices for each can vary greatly.

Getting a new roof can be expensive but there are things you can do to save money and one of those things is to use re-roofing. It’s best to start as soon as you realize you need a new roof installed. And if you have never had to do this type of roof work before, you may not know where to start. To help you make this as hassle free as possible, make sure to follow the right steps.

Consider the Option of Getting a Re-Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan to Save Money

When you get a new roof installed on your home the biggest question many roof contractors will want to know is what do you want to do with the old roof. Leaving the old roof in place and adding a new layer of shingles on top can cut down on labor and material costs for the new roof. If you’re on a budget it may be a good fit.

Consider the Option of Getting a Re-Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan to Save MoneyBefore you decide to get a re-roof done on your home be sure to consider the following:

Get A Consultation

The first step in any roof work is to get a professional out to your home and inspect the area. This will provide you with an idea of exactly what is going on with your roof and if there are any signs of damage spreading to other parts of your home. You should then sit down and discuss what your options are and what they recommend.

Do Your Research

It is important to find an experienced professional that has done this type of work in the past. The roofer needs to be a licensed contractor with insurance that protects you from any incompetence or accidents on their end. You should also get at least three referrals that you can call and ask questions.

Get Several Quotes

Once you know what is wrong with your roof, you can then present that information to several companies and ask for quotes. You can also ask for second opinions and another evaluation of your home if you want. But it is important to make sure you are getting at least three quotes for the work to be done so you can better compare the prices.

Pick Out Materials

Materials need to be figured out before you create a contract because certain contractors prefer certain materials. You don’t want to hire someone to work on a slate roof if they have only ever used shingles. The materials make a big difference in installation, so make sure you know what you want and discuss it with your roofer before signing anything. Especially when a contractor may be able to get better deals on other materials you may not have considered.

Ypsilanti RooferPlan Out Details

You need to sit down with the contractor and discuss all the parts of the job before making the contract. This is important because you both need to be on the same page and know what the plan is. This includes the work being done, the materials being used, timeframe, payment, warranties, and penalties for failure to hold up their end. Once this is clear, you can then create the contract and both sign and date it.

Prepare Your Home

Your contractor will be able to better explain just what needs to be done by looking at your home. But in general, you can expect to move vehicles away from the property, as well as moving anything in your yard. Make sure you ask your roofer what they want you to do in order to make the job go much smoother.

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