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Is Your Asphalt Roof Failing? Here are Some Tell Tale Signs in Ypsilanti Michigan

The most popular type of roofing materials that are used today in Ypsilanti Michigan is asphalt shingle roofing. Yet many home owners don’t know some of the warning signs that are associated with this popular roofing choice. If you have asphalt shingle roofing on your home be sure to look for some of these warning signs that it can be failing. 

Is Your Asphalt Roof Failing? Here are Some Tell Tale Signs in Ypsilanti Michigan

With asphalt shingle roofing being the most popular type of roofing material being used in Ypsilanti Michigan today knowing these signs of your home’s roof failing is a must. Being able to determine you need a roof replacement or roof repair before there is an actual roof leak can save you thousands of dollars in damages to your home. A roof leak that allows water to enter the home can lead to all sorts of problems. From staining your ceilings and walls with a brownish stain to leaking water into popular home items such as televisions and computers. The water that enters a home from a roof leak can lead to all sorts of problems and cause all sorts of damage. And the worse part is that if the roof leak continues it can lead to many other problems as well including mold growth in your home which can lead to health problems as well. Knowing that you need a roofing contractor in Ypsilanti Michigan to do roof repair or replacement can help you tremendously.

Is Your Asphalt Roof Failing? Here are Some Tell Tale Signs in Ypsilanti MichiganAre You Constantly Getting Roof Repairs on Your Home?

If you’ve already been plagued by a roof leak on your home and damage has occurred in your home then you can quickly realize just why there is so much urgency in this article. One way to spot a failing roof is to just look at some of the roof repairs that have been done lately. If your home constantly has to have roof repair done it can be a sign of your roof failing. At Ypsilanti Roofing Company we will usually let the home owner know of the problem from the start. However, some roofing contractors will continually offer roof repair services knowing that the roof is in need of replacement and will likely develop more and more roof leaks. That’s why we also let our customers know what shape the roof is in before we do any sort of roof repairs. Constantly making repairs on your home’s roof is a sign that your roof needs replacing in most cases.

Hail or Storm Damage to the Roof

A big problem for your home’s roof is the weather. The weather can lead to a problem on your home’s roof that will warrant replacing the entire roof. One weather event that can cause that is hail damage. If hail has fallen on your home it may have damaged your roofing. It is difficult to determine sometimes because the damaged areas of the shingle are usually as small as the hail that has fallen. It’s always best to get a roof inspection on your home if you suspect hail damage.

Wind Damage to the Roofing Materials

Another problem that occurs because of weather is wind damage. Wind can break shingles away from the roof causing damage. When asphalt shingles are initially installed there is a bond between the tab of the shingle and the shingle below it. Over time however this bond gets weaker and may eventually be gone all together. When that occurs the shingles will be more susceptible to damage by wind. If you notice broken shingles on your home’s roof it may be due to wind but it can also be a sign of an aging roof that needs replacing. In either case, getting a roof inspection and roof repair is needed if you have broken shingles on your home’s roof.


Get a Free Roof Inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan

In order to really know if you need a new roof installed in Ypsilanti Michigan you’ll need to get a roof inspection on your home. Here at Ypsilanti Roofing Company we offer free roofing inspections in Ypsilanti Michigan and Ann Arbor Michigan. Call us today to set up an appointment for your roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan.