5 Ways Roof Ventilation in Ypsilanti Michigan Can Help You

Many times, there isn’t much thought when deciding on roof ventilation for a home. However, the roof ventilation on a home has a huge impact on the roof itself, how energy efficient the home is, and it can help prevent unseen damages to the roof and your health. For most roof replacement projects, the ventilation that is in place is left and inspected to determine if it’s adequate and that it’s not blocked in some way. Boxes stacked in the attic against vents can cause problems as well as wildlife that can damage and block vents in the attic and roof. 

5 Ways Roof Ventilation in Ypsilanti Michigan Can Help You

Other ways roof ventilation may be inadequate is if the home recently had an addition to the home which added roofing surface and attic space without adding vents. Attic remodels projects can also cause ventilation problems. It’s always best to consult a professional roofing contractor in Ypsilanti Michigan if you’re considering remodeling your home’s attic. With that being said, here are some ways attic and roof ventilation helps your home:

5 Ways Roof Ventilation in Ypsilanti Michigan Can Help YouIncrease Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Proper Ventilation

Having the proper amount of roof ventilation for your home is crucial. However, going a bit overboard when it comes to roof ventilation can help even more. The ventilation on your home is designed to keep air flowing through the attic and under the roof itself which protects it. However,  adding a bit more ventilation can help to remove warmer air faster from the roof which can help on those hot summer days. Proper ventilation can help your home by preventing damage but increasing the roof ventilation may help it by increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

Ventilation Can Become Blocked and Should Be Protected

A huge problem that occurs on roofing vents is wildlife building nests in the vents. Birds are especially bad because for most home vents which are high on the side of the home they are never really looked at. Blocking the vent can cause the vent not to allow air to flow freely which can be a problem. Screens and other products are placed in front of the vents but keep in mind this can decrease the air flow as well. Another problem we’ve seen was homeowners who stack boxes and other items in front of the vents in the attic. While the vents are designed to not allow water to trickle in, sometimes during heavy rains and high winds the vents may leak which can damage these items. Also, the blocked vents won’t allow proper air flow.

Balancing the Air Flow is Best

Roofing ventilation on your home is a balancing act in most cases. You want to have even intake air as you do the exhaust air. If either of these items or blocked it throws the entire system out of balance and can become a problem. Keep all vents clear to avoid this and keep everything in check.

Water Damage and Even Mold Can Result from Improper Ventilation

When you don’t have proper ventilation on your roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan you put your entire home at risk. As the humidity in the attic goes up it creates a prime breeding spot for mold and water damage. Over time your home may have mold growth and water damage just by not having the proper vents installed. Keep checking your attic from time to time to look for water damage or mold.

Attic Fans May Be a Bad Idea

While attic fans can produce results when needed, it may not be the best choice to add ventilation to your home’s roof. One problem that you’ll experience with attic fans is a higher energy bill. The temperature in your home’s attic can become higher than normal and the fan can come on with temperature controls but standard ventilation can usually be installed which are not powered.

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