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4 Common Causes of Winter Roof Damage in Ypsilanti Michigan

Soon the cold winter weather will be upon us and the snow and ice will be here for months ahead. For homeowners the question of whether the roof on their homes is up to the task of getting through the winter is top of mind. There are some things that you can do to prevent damage to your home’s roof this winter and protect your home. And if needed, getting a new roof in Ypsilanti Michigan installed before the colder weather gets here is always preferred.

4 Common Causes of Winter Roof Damage in Ypsilanti Michigan

Between the cold temperatures and inclement weather, winter can be rough for your roof. Out of all the seasons, your roof is most likely to experience damage because of the rough conditions during the winter. That being said, it’s important to understand common causes of winter roof damage in Ypsilanti Michigan, so you can adequately maintain and prepare your roof.

  1. 4 Common Causes of Winter Roof Damage in Ypsilanti MichiganWind

One of the most common winter roof damage in Ypsilanti Michigan is missing shingles, which is commonly caused by severe winds. In addition to loosening shingles and causing shingles to fall off your roof, severe winds can cause roofing granules to shed and fall into your gutters. Not only will this cause your gutters to improperly function and deposit water, which could lead to water damage, but it also leaves your roof more vulnerable to inclement weather and natural elements. It’s best to do a quick inspection of your roof from the ground after a major storm with associated winds. This can help you prevent damage to the home if there is missing shingles from the roof.

  1. Water

As previously stated, water is a popular type of winter roof damage. Not only is this because of severe winds that can cause loose roofing granules and missing shingles, but also because of heavy rainstorms. Additionally, water in the form of condensation can cause mold and mildew to grow, which can affect the interior of your home.

In order to prevent water damage from occurring during the winter, make sure your roof is as durable as possible. This means you should have proper ventilation, flashing, and shingles. If you want to ensure your roof is in the best condition as possible, consider hiring a roofer for an inspection. You’ll also need to make sure the roof is properly ventilated as well which can cause the humidity in the attic to rise which can effectively cause water damage to the roof and possible mold growth in the home.

  1. Ice

Another common cause of winter roof damage is ice. Ice is dangerous for various reasons. Since ice is hard, it can easily create cracks, holes, and scratches on your roof. This can lead to leaks and other forms of serious damage. Additionally, since ice is made of water, it can cause water damage when the ice melts.

An important thing to look for on your roof during colder temperatures is ice dams. Essentially, an ice dam is when higher access points on your roof begin to melt onto the lower areas of the roof that are still frozen. This means that a new layer of ice will form over the current layer of ice. While this might not pose an immediate risk, as the double layers of ice begin to melt, excess pools of water will accumulate, which could cause serious damage.

  1. Trees

Lastly, trees pose a risk to your roof during winter. Winter roof damage caused by trees range from cracks and scratches to large holes. Tree damage is usually caused by a combination of strong winds and severe storms like rainstorms and snowstorms. Additionally, sometimes ice is so heavy that it weighs branches down to the point where they snap off and fall onto a roof.

In order to adequately prepare for winter, you might want to consider hiring a roofer in Ypsilanti Michigan to assess your roof and the surrounding trees. If your roofer determines that any of the trees around your home are in too close of a proximity to your roof and might cause damage, they will be able to create a plan to remove the tree. Be sure to call Ypsilanti Roofing Company today to get a roof inspection on your home and prevent damage from occurring this winter.